Write at the speed of light!
Keys activated by the slightest pressure.
Keys do not move, facilitating faster writing.
No springs.
No levers.
No need for costly maintenance.

Not everyone can drive a race car. Only the very best reporters can write on the super sensitive, super fast Lightspeed Neo.

ERGONOMIC. The fact that the keys do not move up and down reduces strain and fatigue.
Writing with the Neo positioned on one's lap virtually eliminates stress and fatigue.

Only a few dozen bespoke, hand-made units are available.

*Discount of 30% to reporters who rent Stenovations' digitalCAT professional software, as well as those who purchased any model Lightspeed directly from Stenovations in the past.

"Although LightSpeed is a great name for Stenovations’ writer, I could think of some others. By any name, though, I am spoiled and will never be able to go back to any other writer. Its speed is so evident even in the simplest of applications."
– Nicholas A. Marrone, RMR, CRR, Atlanta


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